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Emma is a British-Canadian designer from London. Her practice explores using and re-using materials in playful and creative ways. She loves experimenting with the capabilities of wood - or any available material with the potential to be continuously transformed. Provoked by the quantity of timber going to waste, Emma’s ongoing project entitled ‘Who Cares?’ focuses on the reuse of dimensional wood through a series of assemblies. These assemblies maximize the quantity of re-used materials in the structure, preventing them from going to landfill.

Emma holds a BSc from the Bartlett School of Architecture and a Master’s of Architecture from MIT. She has worked in London, Boston, Berlin, and Mexico City. During summer ’22, her competition proposal for the IKEA H22 expo, a shelter to reimagine how we live with nature, was selected and built in Helsingborg. Emma won first prize and the sustainability award in a global competition for her proposal for a re-used timber pavilion.

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